Dr. Bunsen (right) and his protege, John Godmein, studying a Floogite map.
The discovery of Floogite originates on February 10th, 1854, when profound social scientist Dr. Richmond E. Bunsen was on his bi-annual vacation to the jungles of the african Congo. While walking along the beach, Dr. Bunsen spotted what he originally described as a "particularly interesting looking rock". Later, while back in the United States, Dr. Bunsen studied the mass and determined that this was no ordinary "rock", this mineral had incredible properties. Dr. Bunsen aptly named this "rock" Floogite, after his late wife's maiden name, Floo Esmeralda Goyte.


Dr. Bunsen not only discovered that this mineral is in all living organisms, he also revealed to the world that it is located in heavy concentrations within our very own fingernails. Dr. Bunsen theorized that Floogite is the part of our fingernails that regenerates when they are damaged. This incredible revelation led to Dr. Bunsen creating medicine that is able to regenerate any part of the body, at a cost. The part that regenerates is covered in Floogite.
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